Celebrating 30 years of healing in Bromley

Stress is the fastest growing work related illness in the U.K.

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We live in stressful times with many concerns about work, relationships, money etc.. Conflict within ourselves can have a negative effect on our bodies and immune systems, making us more prone to tiredness, despression and ill health.


Very often it becomes almost impossible to turn off all the negative thoughts and worries which continually run through our mind, thinking about the past and fearing for the future. It makes concentration difficult and interrupts sleep patterns. Doctors recognise that depression and lack of self esteem is becoming a major problem, even among young people.


We are sometimes told that coping with problems are the learning periods of our life, from which we can emerge stronger and more confident. But we need help, we cannot always do it on our own. We get submerged. We need someone to work with us to guide us towards finding peace and self healing.


Over the last 30 years Bromley Healing Centres have welcomed thousands of people who have come to seek help, peace and healing. For many, it was their first step towards discovering their inner strength and recovery.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” Albert Einstein

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