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Meditation Techniques
(Read fully before you start)

The art of Meditation is to learn how to relax the mind as well as the body.  This takes practice.  Below are 5 points to aid you to get to the Alpha state in mediation.  Find some peaceful music to play quietly in the background, this will help block out any other noises.

1.  Find somewhere quiet, where you will not be disturbed.  Sit in a chair with your feet on the floor, your hands resting gently in your lap and keep your eyes open. Now focus on your breathing.  Imagine your ‘in’ breath rising up from your base chakra (at the top of your legs, where they meet), and travelling slowly up your back until it gets to your crown chakra at the top of your head, do this slowly to the count of three. Now imagine your ‘out’ breathe going down the front of your body and slowly returning to the base chakra, again slowly to the count of 3.  Do this action slowly 5 times, allowing yourself to feel relaxed.

2.  Now take your vision to a place in front of you, say a wall, and focus your vision on anything slightly upwards from straight ahead.  Now just stare at this spot, try not to blink for about 25 seconds.  Feel your eyes getting heavy and then close them.

3.  As you close your eyes imagine that you are sitting at the waters edge on a beautiful beach, in a deck chair.  You can see the waves gently going in and out.  You feel totally at peace, with the sea and all your surroundings.  This is YOUR beach, where no one else can go unless you want them to.

4.  As you breathe in, you find that your breathing is in harmony with the waves.  As you breathe in, the waves come slowly towards you and as your breathe out; the waves go slowly away down the beach.  In and out, slowly the waves match your breathing and you feel totally at ease, peaceful, safe and in harmony with yourself and your surroundings.  All is well.

5.  Now you just let yourself go, not thinking about anything. For this time you have no worries and any tension just slips away. Your body is totally relaxed and your mind peaceful and you just sit here for a while, say 10 to 15 minutes.

Now it is time to leave this place.  You start to wriggle your fingers and your toes as you bring your awareness back into the room and when you are ready, you open your eyes.

You will now be feeling relaxed and peaceful. Try and do this everyday, you will soon feel the benefit.
(Chakra’s are energy points in the body)



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