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How can Healing help me?


It is accepted by many that we are more than just our mind and body, and that there is something more to us that connects us to the Earth, to our families, friends, neighbours and all that ‘IS’ and that is our Spirit – that which makes us who we are, our uniqueness in how we see our immediate world around us, deal with other people and the world in general.

We all, at times, face difficult issues in our lives which cause us to worry or become stressed, depressed or anxious.  These can lead onto physical changes in our body, such as headaches, pains in the stomach, sleepless nights etc. Maybe we then loose our sense of joy or pleasure in our daily lives, feel alone, and we can become tearful or generally feel we have lost our way and that we just can’t cope.

 All of these things affect our daily lives and can make us feel out of sorts or ‘unbalanced’.

 Healing helps to restore and bring about a renewed balance between mind, body and spirit.  Whilst receiving healing, it allows us to let go of all the negative issues and reconnects us to the Source which has many names – Mother Earth, Nature, God, The Divine, Buddha, Allah, Christ etc, it is all the one Source to which we all belong and are an absolute part of.

Healing is gentle, non invasive and calming.

We encourage you to let go of your problems for a short while, we are good listeners but what you may tell us is confidential and whilst we play soothing music, you do nothing but sit and relax whilst we channel the healing energy to you in a one to one half hour healing session.

Sometimes our thoughts take us along routes that we don’t like but find hard to stop.  We, the healers at the centre, don’t claim that we can fix anything, but we know that once your mind is in a state of calm and peaceful relaxation, at ease with your problems, your thoughts can change from this negative, heavy feeling to a more positive way of dealing with them and from that, healing takes place, on many different levels.

Our Healing Centre and our trained healers offer you a place of calm reflection and a break from the pressures you may feel are ruling your life with an opportunity for you to develop and facilitate your own healing pathway.

Why not try it; it could be the answer you are looking for.





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